Industry Leading Fraud Detection Service
SaleManager™ developed iSpyFraud™, an industry-leading fraud detection tool that in addition to pre-set thresholds allows merchants to establishispyfraud / their own parameters in preventing fraud.

iSpyFraud™ / FraudSensor™ is used as a firstline of defense against the most common types of fraud, this program will help you define what transactions you will and will not accept.
How iSpyFraud Works?
• Thresholds: Threshold management allows the merchant to set the parameters of your fraud protection, based on the amount of money charged per transaction, the number of transactions charged, etc.
• User Ban: User Ban management allows you to ban specific users, by the IP address of their computer, by their credit card number, by country, or by their user information in your system.
• Exceptions: Exception management allows you to make exceptions to the fraud ban system for users you know are legitimate.
• Waiting Review: Transactions that have been flagged as possibly fraudulent will be appear on a separate page, waiting for your review. If you find them harmless, do nothing. If you believe the transactions are fraudulent, you may cancel the charges put through by going to your gateway.
• History Log: The History Log allows you to see recent transactions performed, with a color-coding chart for easy reference as to whether the transaction was accepted, denied, etc.