A simple, fast, and free application for Apple™ & Android™ devices to process credit cards anywhere in the world over a cellular or WIFI connection.
The iProcess mobile app and credit card reader form a full-featured and easy-to-use payment terminal, which you can carry in iProcess mobile POS your your pocket. Take your business with you, and make sales anywhere. iProcess supports traditional and EMV certified card readers when you get a Merchant Account from our office.
iProcess™ will geotag the location of the sale on the receipt.
Accept credit card payments, provide geotag receipts and via email or SMS. Take your business with you on the iProcess™ mobile app. The iProcess payment app is available to merchants in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, all European Union member nations, Latin American and Asian merchants. Multiple currencies support.
Business insights on the go
View the full feed of transactions, across the business or for specific users. See transaction-level detail, including transaction IDs, amount, date, signatures, SKU and more. Capture digital signatures and add a tip to the total amount charged, if needed.
Manage past transactions from one place
Easily perform voids and refunds for each transaction. You can also re-send copies of receipts to your customers. Perform full or partial refunds from the Transaction History Log.
iProcess™ Card Reader
Our rugged card readers are incredibly responsive, built for security, and work perfectly with your tablet or smartphone. SaleManager provides a free EMV certified card reader when you get a merchant account from our office. Process keyed or swipe transactions with our Encrypted Swipe Solution.
Back office at your fingertips
The iProcess™ Merchant Dashboard provides reporting and analytic tools, inventory management, and customization to help you run an effective business.
Understand your customers
Know what sells well (and not so much), at what times, dates, and locations. iProcess™’s powerful reporting tools let you organize and understand purchase data, to help you make better business decisions.
Get key insights at a glance
The visual dashboard presents summaries of your vitals at a glance. The most imporant information you need at your fingertips, synced for monitoring in real time.
Use your data however you like
Analyze data your own way. Seamlessly export transaction data in CSV format, for easy integration with your favorite accounting and analytics software.
How to Get Started
To accept credit cards with iProcess™, simply complete and return our Capital Bankcard Merhant Account Application. For more information Contact Us.