Electronic Invoice Manager

Sync Donor Transactions with QuickBooks
SaleManager e-Invoice™ is the on-demand invoice management service that automates the process of collecting, submitting, trackingSaleManager e-invoice manager and paying of supplier invoices. Customers can pay invoices by Credit Card or Electronic Check/Cheque. Multi-Currency Supported.

SaleManager offers a fully-managed Electronic Invoice and Electronic Invoice Presentment service complete with Payment URLs and optional integrated CRM payment addons. With SaleManager's e-Invoice service, you can automate key components of payment processing with other company sales processes. That’s why SaleManager is the industry leader in Electronic Invoicing, Invoice Presentment and Bill Payment.
Reduce Invoice Processing Costs
Nearly 80 percent of vendor and supplier invoice activity is paper-based. If your organization is like most, your A/P department is drowning in paper. A recent Aberdeen Group study found that companies who automate invoice processing observe:

• Overall costs drop as much as 91 percent
• 46 percent shorter invoice process cycle time
• 12 percent fewer late payments
• 30 percent less time spent responding to inquiries
Why SaleManager eInvoice?
SaleManager e-Invoice allows companies to quickly process vendor and supplier payment requests, solving common problems including:

Lower invoice processing costs: SaleManager eInvoice significantly reduces the costs of processing invoices by automating the collection, submittal, tracking and payment of vendor and supplier invoices.
Seamless Integration with QuickBooks: SyncPay for QuickBooks integrates payments processing with your small business accounting system.
Reduce invoice payment process cycle time: The cycle time to process supplier payments and check requests is significantly shortened with the SaleManager easy, quick and efficient automated solution. Recurring Billing is supported at no addiitonal costs.
Improve control and compliance: SaleManager’s robust payment engine manages invoice payment acceptance. Combine iSpyFraud™ / FraudSensor.Net™ to add threshold management and advance fraud protection to your payment process.
Flexibe reporting: SaleManager proactive sales reporting approach offers complete visibility into the payment process.